Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adventures in turtle-ing. Episode 1.

After our neighbors found a turtle in their yard, my kids spent the better part of two days searching for a turtle of their own.

After a frustrating afternoon and one tear-filled evening, I suggested they take it to prayer.

"Dear God," said Rachel. "Please help us find a pet. A turtle, an inch worm, I don't care."

The next night, a little begrudgingly, I attended a meeting at church (it was beautiful outside and I just wanted to stay home and have a glass of wine on my patio)

But there, in front of the church, was a turtle. Of course, I didn't see it right away - someone had to point it out to me. But that's how it is with God sometimes, we don't always see Him working.

We have brought Bucky home and he is receiving more love and attention than any turtle ever has. (We know he is a boy. More on that later.)

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